The Larson-Miller Crystal Ball

The Larson-Miller Parameter (LMP) is a tool used to estimate material life relative to temperature – a critical value to know when your cyclone runs almost continuously for years at a stretch at temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees!

The LMP, when combined with the Life Fraction Rule (a variation of Miner’s Rule), becomes a practical fatigue estimator, making it possible to predict accumulated fatigue for real-life time/temperature variations.

The Life Fraction Rule states that for all operating conditions, there is a finite available time before failure. At each defined operating condition, a fraction of available life will be consumed. When we combine all of the fractions representing time used divided by available time, the result must be less than one. If the number is greater than one, material life has been consumed, and a rupture may be imminent.

Van Tongeren’s team of cyclone experts understand material life and can help you complete your own reliability puzzle. For a more complete explanation of the Larson-Miller Parameter, including sample scenarios, complete the form below.

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