FCC Cyclones

Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Cyclones

The FCC is the heart of most refineries. It is used to convert low-value long-chain hydrocarbons into more valuable products. Van Tongeren been at the forefront of the development of FCC cyclone technology to maximize efficiency and reliability. We have an extensive worldwide reference list.

  • Van Tongeren is the originator of the cyclone design configurations used in most FCCs worldwide. In fact, other cyclone suppliers were formed from our former licensee.
  • Van Tongeren works with all major licensors of FCC technology, including Axens, ExxonMobil, CB&I, KBR, Technip FMC, Shell and UOP.
  • Van Tongeren has a full-time staff with a combined experience in FCC design of more than 200 years.
  • Our experience and expertise is demonstrated by the large number of worldwide operating units with cyclones that were designed by Van Tongeren employees.
  • Structural design is completed using an intelligent combination of traditional code and computer-assisted mechanical calculations and Finite Element Analysis software.
Evaluation Program

Evaluation Program

Van Tongeren has developed a proprietary cyclone performance evaluation program. The program includes:

  • Entrainment calculations
  • Catalyst loss estimates
  • Calculations to determine operational pressure drop
  • Optimal cyclone geometry for maximum efficiency/reliability


Van Tongeren is a full service provider that can supply all of following:

  • Performance evaluation of existing cyclone equipment
  • Process and mechanical design of new cyclone technology
  • Supply of cyclones fully refractory lined
  • Spare/replacement parts for existing equipment
  • Field technical support


Van Tongeren can also supply your other FCC needs:

  • Hanger systems
  • Plenum chambers
  • Vessel heads
  • Diplegs and dipleg valves
  • Catalyst distributors
  • Air ring and air distributors
  • Steam rings
  • Risers
  • Wye pieces and “J” bends
  • Overhead lines

Qualfab Ltd.

Van Tongeren works in conjunction with our sister company, Qualfab Ltd. of Oldbury, England, to manufacture cyclones. Additionally, we have developed strategic relationships with other manufacturing companies around the world for specialist components or for production of cyclones.

Qualfab Ltd. has produced many thousands of Van Tongeren FCCU cyclones since the company started producing them in 1972. Qualfab is a specialist in the installation of hexmetal (and similar anchorage) systems and erosion resistant refractory linings. Qualfab has its own dedicated refractory crew and a state of the art furnace for heat curing linings and stress relief.