MultiCell Cyclones

Integrated Pollution Control

Van Tongeren International has, over many years, developed Multicell cyclones to a high degree of efficiency and reliability and proven this with numerous successfully operating installations in a variety of applications.

“Multicell” is a system of small diameter axial flow cyclones with top entry gas flow using swirl vanes to obtain the rotation of the solids- bearing gases for separation.  These small “cells” or cyclones are nested closely together inside a steel casing and because of their small diameter will have higher particle efficiencies than the conventional larger diameter cyclones.  Add to this the expertise and design knowledge of Van Tongeren engineers and the result is a cyclone system capable of very high efficiencies.

  • Van Tongeren Multicell cyclones are more cost effective than bag houses or precipitators both in capital and operating costs.
  • Van Tongeren can offer a full range of Multicell cyclones adaptable for many operating applications.
  • Steel casings can be designed to various operating pressures and temperatures making it possible to house the cells in a conventional circular section pressure vessel.

Typical Applications for Multicells:

Coal fired boilers.
Coke calciners.
Aluminium powder.
Minerals processing.