Engineering Services

Van Tongeren is a full service organization that can provide all of following:

  • Performance evaluation of existing cyclone equipment
  • Process and/or mechanical
  • Detailed design drawing packages
  • Spare/replacement parts for new or existing equipment
  • Field technical support
  • Fabrication
  • Van Tongeren has a full-time staff with a combined experience in FCC design of over 100 years.
  • Our experiences and expertise is demonstrated by the large quantity of worldwide operating equipment that has been designed by Van Tongeren employees.
  • The engineers at Van Tongeren are familiar with current Licensor’s specifications and requirements from years of previous work.
  • Van Tongeren has developed a proprietary cyclone performance evaluation program. The program includes:
    • Entrainment calculations
    • Catalyst loss estimates
    • Calculations to determine operational pressure drop
    • Optimal cyclone geometry for maximum efficiency/reliability
  • Our mechanical design process starts with a 3-D model from which 2-D drawings are created for the fabricators. Van Tongeren uses 2015 Autodesk Product Design Suite which includes Inventor and AutoCAD.
  • Structural design is completed in-house using an intelligent combination of traditional hand calculations and Finite Element Analysis software (2015 Autodesk Simulation Mechanical).
  • Van Tongeren can perform CFD analyses when requested through proven contractors. We are aiming to expand our CFD capabilities in the near future.

We are specialists in the detail design of plenum chambers and frequently undertake design work and production of detail drawings for manufacture by the vessel head supplier. These critical components usually support at least one stage of cyclones and must compensate for thermal movements.

Experience in undertaking design of this equipment is essential to achieve the required balance of flexibility and strength necessary to ensure long-term successful operation. Having designed many of these units of different designs to the requirements of all main process licenser’s, our engineers are uniquely placed to provide detail designs to ensure reliable and long service life. Finite element analysis is used extensively in the design of plenum chambers.