Hanger Systems

Van Tongeren offers many types of support systems for cyclones including Beam Hanger systems and wYe link hangers.  The importance of a hanger system is to support the cyclones and limit the amount of stresses placed on the cyclone system by the differential thermal growth inherent in FCC regenerator systems.  Reactor hanger systems are quite varied and have lower thermal differential growth but have their own particular requirements.  All these systems must be approached with experienced engineering and often require the use of a finite element analysis to accommodate the deflection that occurs in the supporting structure.

Video:  The video above shows a typical refinery and then segues into the cyclones starting with the secondary cyclone on the inner ring, then the paired primary cyclones, then the plenum. Then the outer ring of secondary cyclones followed by the bracing levels and the outer ring of primary cyclones. Next, the beam hanger system is laid in and the support structure for the FCC and finally the vessel is overlaid.  Then we fade away from the regenerator and show the refinery complex and fade out.