Bag Filters

Pulse Jet Fabric Filter

Pulse jet fabric filters can collect over 99% of the particulate in the gas.  They can operate at various temperatures depending on the material of the bags selected.  They are often used as the final cleanup of dry particulate systems.

Van Tongeren has a design for a modern pulse jet fabric filter with a high entry inlet for the particle laden gas.  The gas flows into the inlet and then flows toward the bottom of the bag collector, where it turns and moves up between the bag filters and the bags filtering the particulate from the gas.  The first turn at the bottom of the bag filter drops some of the particle loading directly into the hopper thereby reducing the load on the bags.  Intermittent pulses from blowpipe located in the outlet plenum clean the bags when the pressure drop exceeds a preset value dropping the particles that have collected on the outside of the bag into the hopper of the collector.  For large gas flows, the modular fabric filters can be coupled together.  For ease of maintenance, Van Tongeren supplies a walk-in outlet plenum which allows for maintenance in bad weather for outdoor collectors.  We can also supply a hatch style plenum if overhead height is a consideration.

Van Tongeren has designed the fabric filter in several modular sizes.


Unit Size Casing inside length (inside width is 10’) Hopper type Weight of unit (lbs.) Cloth Area (Ft2) Max Flow (ACFM)
12’ bag 12’ bag 12’ bag
98 bags 4’-10” Pyramid 8889 1847 9235
126 bag 6’-2” Pyramid 9845 2375 11875
154 bag 7’-6” Pyramid 10808 2903 14515
182 bag 8’-10” Pyramid 11798 3431 17155
210 bag 10’-2” Trough 13023 3958 19790
266 bag 12’-10” Trough 16259 5014 25070
322 bag 15’-6” Trough 18351 6070 30350
378 bag 18’-2” Trough 20643 7125 35625
434 bag 20’-10” Trough 22898 8181 40905